Organize your time and focus your time to clients

Make your business day simple.

Shift your focus to clients, because with the wellness reservation system, you will be safe from any mistakes and omissions.


Intuitivan dizajn, mnoštvo opcija a jednostavnost korištenja čine ovaj kalendar dobrim izborom za upravljanje vaši objektom.

Reservations view by room or therapist, making reservations for multiple appointments, weekly review of reservations... 

POS system

Bill creation and payment may or may not be related to reservations. You can charge for both services and additional items that you sell to clients.

Sales reports will make your daily calculations easier, but they will also give you an insight into the services that clients book most often.

Gift vouchers and membership fees

In addition to the sale of gift vouchers, you can track the records of used vouchers as well as make payments with gift vouchers.

In addition to gift vouchers, you can also have a record of members with the collection of membership fees and the definition of various discounts on services or items only for members.

24/7 support

Our technical experts and experienced support team understand and genuinely care about the solutions of your daily software problems. Dedicated and friendly support teams are ready to help you, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Book an appointment for an online presentation today

We will be happy to show you all the possibilities of our system and answer your questions. Reserve an appointment for the presentation yourself at a time that suits you best in our calendar. 


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