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We cover all areas of business.

In all areas of business there is a need for the right information at the right time - this will be provided by our applications for mobile devices.

Hotel mobile PMS

Designed for hotel managers and the sales department.

Overview of daily sales, hotel revenue, ADR, RevPAR, comparison with the previous period, comparison with the previous year... reports and information you can get in real time, wherever you are.  

Arrivals, departures, accommodated guests, reservation calendar, making new reservations, canceling existing ones - you can do all this using this mobile application. 

Restaurant mobile manager

Application for waiter control and/or working time planning and/or procurement planning. 

Whatever your need is, with the mobile application for the restaurant you will achieve it by viewing the data in real time.

Some of the reports: daily sales by payments, by waiters, by hours of the day, overview of the work of waiters, open tables, canceled bills, all bills, warehouse status, comparison of sales with previous periods...


Find out the necessary information about your business at any time to be able to make the right business decision.

If you have Milenij integrated bookkeeping, you can see the real financial state of your business on your mobile device. Accounts payable, liabilities, open items...

Restaurant mobile POS

Do you want to achieve 10% more sales in a simple way? No problem. Milenij mobile application for ordering and paying for a restaurant can help you with this.

The application has all the same features as a stationary POS in a restaurant. Only that it is portable (for Android devices). From creating an order, billing, printing a bills, printing a copy of a bills, payment by card... 

Hotel housekeeping mobile

The mobile application covers the operation of three areas: change of room status (in addition to the list of rooms to be cleaned), minibar posts and maintenance reports.

With minibar posts, you can finally realize minibar profits. In the program, the reception gives a direct order to check the minibar for the guest at the checkout, the housekeeper can immediately check the last consumption and the whole procedure can be completed in a few minutes. 

24/7 support

Our technical experts and experienced support team understand and genuinely care about the solutions of your daily software problems. Dedicated and friendly support teams are ready to help you, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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