How can we cooperate?

With the partner program you get a number of privileges, you are included in marketing activities and you have access to the entire set of programs

Become a partner

Milenij invites all companies or persons interested in selling Milenij solutions. You contact us to get more information. If you are sending an inquiry to our e-mail, please write some basic information about your company and work.

Why choose Milenij as your partner?

Milenij has good after-sales support for users and partners. Milenij programs are very easy to use and have a lot of useful features that were made according to user recommendations.

What do you get if you become a partner?

  • We offer thorough training and support to our partners.
  • You get the best sales discount.
  • You do the sales and we do the installation and education.

Our partners

Micro World

Micro World d.o.o.

Vrbje 5, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska


Info-tel d.o.o.

Zagrebačka 6, 42223 Varaždinske Toplice, Hrvatska

Abel d.o.o.

Jaroslava Šidaka 8, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Infos Plus

Infos Plus d.o.o.

Doverska 5, 21000 Split, Hrvatska

KD-Info d.o.o.

Zavojna 6, 42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska


Rudarska 1, 52220 Labin, Hrvatska


Alpha software d.o.o.

Mladena Fiolića 1A, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Darkom Computers

Darkom computers

Otona Ivekovića 15, 42220 Novi Marof, Hrvatska

Interdata d.o.o.

Nemetinska 18, 10040 Zagreb, Hrvatska


Procom d.o.o.

Fočanska 1, 75000 Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

ZFF-Radijal d.o.o.

Crkvice 10, 72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina

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