8 reasons why choose Milenij

Why Milenij?

All-in-one solution

Milenij is one of the few companies that offers its own complete range of integrated solutions for the hotel industry, restaurants, wellness and accounting. Our products are of high quality that meet all the requirements of hotel, restaurant, wellness and accounting business. Using the latest technologies, we provide regular improvements and adjustments for all Milenij software.

Value for money

Providing you with the best value for money, all our products and solutions are tried, tested and come with the highest recommendations for performance and stability from clients in over 500 facilities.

Excellent user experience

With the goal of the best user experience and business simplification, all Milenij solutions are seamlessly integrated to meet all the requirements for running your business. The exceptional ability of our developers to connect our system with third-party solutions will provide information exchange between two different systems.

24/7 support

Milenij support is the first point of contact for many, and our support team is at your service 24 hours a day. In addition to solving problems related to issues related to the operation of the program, our team can also perform a system upgrade at the request of the user. We are available via live chat, email and phone.

Online training

With our one-on-one online training, the Milenij team will help you with the implementation of the product, educate you in the use of the program as well as answer all your questions and help you improve your business using Milenij's top solutions. A change in your staff? We offer the possibility to also train your new staff through online training, and for independent training, our solutions also have training methods.

In step with the latest technology

Our products have evolved over time, adapting to new technologies. We launched our flagship product in the development tool version 4, it has been continuously upgraded over the years and we are currently on the third generation version 11 integrating with the latest web technology. This is how we went through all the development cycles, whereby we overcome all the shortcomings and limitations with new upgrades.

Constant efforts towards innovation

Most companies allocate a large part of their income to marketing and sales. Here at Milenij, the greatest efforts are focused on research and development of new solutions or improvement of existing ones.

Great recommendations

When the recommendations come from our clients, who use our solutions every day, then you can be sure that you have received true and honest information. The biggest recognition of the quality of our products and services is the fact that when changing jobs, employees look for a work environment where they can continue to use Milenij solutions.

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